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sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Novo E-Mail recebido pelo Bar sobre o CASO POCALYCO.

Pocalyko provoked intentionally the bankruptcies of three companies: Siderpol Ingegneria, Sonne un Energie, and Tecnia. In Germany and in Italy we did not have a criminal gang with a former minister of defense, Antunes, Correia, and Arnaut (all in RPA) pushing like fanatics for a bankruptcy and paid shamelessly from LGT. In Belgium, the state intervened with Indufin, and by doing so, they have broken Pocalyko's game.This, XXXX, is the difference between Barroso and Verhofstadt. Poor Portugal! Pocalyko and GD are liable in all four countries, and in KSA. I add, and it it hard for me to admit it :-), that Tecnia was the best green-tech company out of the four Erdevel companies. And one of the best in all Europe. XXXX, the Portuguese case is part of a larger international scheme, but is is so evidently criminal that it is unique.