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domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

"The Portuguese POCALYKO Gate" - Why Europe is Bankrupt!

SEVERAL E-MAILS RECEIVED ON INVOLVEMENT of José Manuel Durão Barroso (President of the EU Commission) and Luís Filipe Arnaut about the “Portuguese POCALYKO Gate”.

What is the relationship in the U.S. Michael Pocalyko, General Dynamics, Jose Luis Arnaut, the Durao Barroso, Tecnia the Erdevl Europe, LGT, etc.?
The portuguese weekly newspaper “The Sun”, goes in the mood to talk about it.
Began to address the Pandur II…

Does the SIS will be able to handle the subject muted over time?

The control of the partisans people, even in your codfish country :-), understand perfectly your example of:

1) paying for the same thing five times (people and countries);

2) never receiving anyTHING, and…

3) blaming the five people (countries) for not delivering the “THING”.

Pocalyko is a coward and a bastard: he hides behind SIS fear of exposing corruption in the country security sector.

Pocalyko is a shame for US, for the lodges which welcomes him, for his family, for the Lutheran church.

Sound far-fetched?
So let the facts:
- Who was Prime Minister of Portugal in 2003?
- Who was the Minister for Deputy (he knows and controls the "secrets" of the state?
- What does the JLA in 2007, the Parliament, and Member, when the U.S. decided to end the Tecnia?
First things first. When you have answers, use them as pieces of the puzzle. the
will get smarter decipher marosca .... some time from now, with patience.
But remember, that while there are few to decipher, there are many more to hide
and shuffling ....

Dear Duane, or shall I say, dear nuclear submarine Tucson commander, You can not understand the part that Pocalyko never told you, always hide from you - Saudi Arabia Offset schemes... You better ask Mohammed Al- Zahara. He was payed at a rate of 500.000 €/ year, just to do nothing and to report to Pocalyko any atempt from the Europeans to do any business in KSA...

Maybe they should publish the reference to the Defense Forum:
If you do not find it, just go to Google and type "E POCALYKO
Compensatory " That is not to walk around some "customers" to say that the whistle to go side ....
As you probably already realize, this is a case of Political and STATE, the largest serious, since it goes hand in several other cases in other states, on the verge of being made public.
This is not no gossip and civil cases, but even here you have wanted to do believing there to the sides of the field of the Meadow - Court of Torres Vedras.
Therefore, I ask him if he made some more progress on this case Pocalyko /LGT / Arnaut / Barroso / GD?
It would be interesting to start by asking a few interviews Journalistic these gentlemen to the various stakeholders.
If interviewing Judge Roger Pereira (now transferred to the timely Figueira da Foz) ask him why "deleted" all of the processes
evidence and allegations that I invoked against the American outlaw gang and its (a curative act and not only), and came at the end of the classification of the Insolvency Tecnia write a sentence where I said anything that claimed to prove that there had been interference or external action!! IT IS WRITTEN!
Also there are tapes of the Labour Court TV fantastic.
But let's not give importance to the Courts of Torres. It's just a piece of international big puzzle. The Court of Torres Vedras is the ground "them." It seems swine flu, to be "confined" in a pen at the end of the world, toward the middle Mexico.
Already, some questions are in the air:
Why does Pocalyko spent more than two million Euros to force the destruction and closure of Tecnia if he was the main creditor (in theory, already know that the lender was the CPC) and therefore would like to throw away their credits?
You can also go through the offices of lawyers Vieira de Almeida and ask about the "Money Bags" as proclaimed in January 2007, at Duane Baker and Victor Almeida, supposedly to sort by Directors and Tecnia officials who surrendered to American show, or was it "Bribed"?
By the way, ask VdA it was there that organized the assault on Tecnia on Feb 2007? And tb may wonder who funded that money and the trip collective to the U.S. for training and education of witnesses against Tecnia ....
Nobody spends money to lose even more money. In this case million!
The question marked in yellow, has only one answer. When you realize the answer, find a great deal:
The Tecnia closed at the request of Erdevel Europe / LGT / Arnault. Even before the Erdevel had closed the Sonne + Energy (Germany), Sidelpol (Italy) and tried to ruin tb the Waterleau (Belgium). The Erdevel, in turn, or two months if kept open after forcing the closure Tecnia, with exports exceeding portfolio 11 M €. Only the state has lost many millions, including taxes and fees, etc..
Is that why Price Waterhouse & Coopers, was to Tecnia at the door closed documents make it disappear? the request of whom? Who paid to the PWC over € 200,000 for "audit"? And who ordered the "service"?
For this reason, crimes against Tecnia are also against the state and therefore the Justice can not overlook the public crimes, under penalty of being a instrument cover up these crimes.
After the "cleaning and erasing" the precipitate Erdevel in July 2008, U.S. relinquished all positions he had in all companies that had in Europe and KSA.
The LGT lux tb closed, even in late 2007.
Then came the Arnaut? Commission of National Defense on an unknown date that does not had access. But the betrayal was already done.
And if the Arnaut and Barroso are clean, then let the reasons why
abroad they call it the worst, rather than corrupt, without even
It would be interesting to know who gave carte blanche to come to Pocalyko Portugal in 2003 set up a mega fraud part of the international counterparts Ponzi-Pocalyko. At that time he was Prime Minister and Minister Barroso, Deputy Jose Luis Arnaut. So should know some “coisita” because the business State the size of 274 Pandurs II. are not exactly small change.
However, for reasons the Court of Torres Vedras continues to invent
processes behind just to process exhausted financially, and despite all allegations, denied all the evidence, all evidence of fraud against the Tecnia and against Portugal, the U.S.?
Currently, the Court of Torres Vedras, left to judge, has been practicing Witch Hunt and preparing to make my lynching. So authoritarian and autistic children are convinced they can do as it suits them, nor even realize that everyone already knows the subject.
With the turn of events, we will soon have the FBI and INTERPOL to ask Torres Court to clarify because I want to lynch, and because he refuses to Pocalyko investigate the fraud.
And the reasons why the Portuguese justice?? not want to hear about the fraud of Pocalyko counterparts?
Is it not to bother Brother Pocalyko, Store 22 in Alexandria, while he builds his mansion Armatrea name, in the Blue Mountains of Shenandoah, Virginia, with that money? if the "poor" lost everything in Erdevel, in Tecnia in Siderpol in Sonne + Energy in Waterleau in EAR In
Envambien in Erdevel Water in LGT In Erdevel KSA, SEM Holding in Cyprus, Monticello Capital in Barbados, the Challenger Corporation, and who knows what more.
Unintentionally, this case will end up doing the shop bell, sounding a "Little Bell". It is in this case the thing sounds more CHIME!
As Bob Woodward said, "just what is newsworthy people
want to hide, the rest is advertising. "
This should be a maximum of Journalists, as well as for police officers, a maximum will "follow the money ...".
The ERDEVEL EUROPE is a very interesting case:
Apart from all that you know, maybe it should be remembered that the ERDEVEL EUROPA was "swept away" completely, even the memory pages of the Internet (the Way Back Machine can not show a single content!).
The precipitate disappearance and erasure of Europe came less Erdevel 2 months after it managed to close the court Tecnia (also not difficult in our Courts).
When closing the Tecnia EE lost (in accounting) over 1.6 M €. And spent lawyers (Arnaut & comp, Vieira de Almeida, Esquivel and Andrade, etc.) almost as much.
For what?
The person responsible for Erdevel Europe - Michael Pocalyko wiped your curriculum 2004 to 2007, and mentions nothing about the EE, as well as fraud and crimes against the various European states, Saudi Arabia and their companies that charge of failing.
Maybe I should start by asking an interview with Jose Luis Arnaut and possibly to Barroso, to see if any want to explain the mystery of disappearance in the "Bermuda Triangle" of Erdevel Europe.
Courage, the pyramid will eventually collapse have siblings .... more .....
The text below Paolo Guietti is superlative. Put things in his perspective, which has much closer to reality as I see National.
It lacks some details, but it is understood that the distance is from Portugal.
It is curious to know how more and more foreign connoisseurs of the "swamp" that became the case Tecnia / Erdevel Europe.
I am at your disposal for information and documents.
A hug


Let me open a little bit the subject.

You are an Italian, but in Portugal, law is still based in Roman Law, more than in any other country. If you doubt about this, ask the experts.

Pocalyko was , as he always used , very strongly assessed by lawyers, lots of them, and all of them extremely expensive. From Lovells – NY with Russell da Silva deeply involved in the offset frauds and Scott Reynolds also playing the main role in the Brettech removal from Tecnia clients projects, and all the VdA lawyers, next the Esquivel e Andrade layers, Tomás Cameira & company and latter Rui Pena & Arnaut lawyers all involved in the Portuguese indirect offset sabotage and the successful destruction of Tecnia, of course, receiving lots of money from Erdevel Europa / LGT, or the same, from Portuguese offset money, ie, Tax payers money.

The bills from the lawyers are not a subject in the actual case, even if you know that was not Pocalyko paying , but you, your country, and of course the other involved countries…including Portugal !

You already know Pocalyko’s kind of OCD disorder ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ), with his crazy attitudes , such as crying like crazy to you when he found that you went to Portugal, last Jan 08. The same crazy attitude was recorded when he was calling me in July 2006 to forbidden me and all Tecnia’s staff to talk with Breetech, etc. His mortal dreads were usually compensated after with a compulsive detailed organization to raise more and more “fences” around us, around any of his dangerous “ ghosts”. The same attitudes were seen about Luc, when Waterleau was financed by Indufin Belgium offset money; Pocalyko was crying : “ I will kill that bastard… “, he was spelling foam from his mouth.

And so many other cases. We were very stupid at that time – I talk by myself – since we should have put the man in an hospital for dangerous OCD’s.

Remember Barbara attitude, when Pocalyko was talking, talking… She used to closed his eyes and sometimes she also loosed his posture and allowed his hands, involuntarily to cover her hears. She did that, because she was familiar with the man. She was living with him and she couldn’t stand the monster any longer…

The fact is, Pocalyko is still intelligent, manipulative and knows how to bribery and blackmail people, especially high State officials, politicians and so, as you have been resuming in so many ways. Pocalyko’s possible ( I’m not a psychologist) OCD, is just an additional point increasing his danger.

What I want to ask your attention for, his the top craziness of Pocalyko:

You know that he tried to force me to sign a NEXUM contract in the XXI century (Feb 13th 2007, to be exact) . He probably asked his layers from VdA about the legal aspects. He asked them to dig deep deep in the law, about any possibility to turn “ legal” slavery.

What was Pocalyko really trying to do?

You told me that he was not expecting me to sign the contracts; he was only doing a theater about buying Tecnia. But he was, for sure interested in destabilizing me as must as possible. That is true.

Probably , as you told me several times, Pocalyko & gang were pushing me to a limit, to a position where I would suicide or something, like run away from the mess they created.

The fact that VdA lawyers wrote and support contracts with a NEXUM debt

bondage with total person ( me ) as collateral for default was to must, really to must, from Pocalyko, but also from VdA and latter from the Portuguese Justice.

Nexum contracts were abolished in Rome almost III centuries BC!

For the “brother “ Pocalyko, NEXUM is still a reality!

He is the real shit of mankind.

You also know that they pursuit the same personal insolvency after and after and always in the same obsessive attitude against me. Why?

I don’t need to tell you the names of the gang supporting Pocalyko, in the continuation of the same Nexum intention. You know all of them, one by one, from politicians, lawyers , state officials and so. Why are all mad to this limit?

It must be only because of 3 options: power, money or sex. Is not about food, moral, ethics or so. I bet is all about money, huge money, bags of money as Duane said. The promised money from Pocalyko briberies , that never arrived. I hope so. I hope they did not cashed a cent.!!

It is really unbelievable that so many countries, so many high politicians, were involved in such a mess as ERDEVEL EUROPA big Ponzi-Pocalyko frauds, a shame for USA honest people, a shame for masonry, a shame for Justice, a shame for the Lutheran church, all of them treated the guy as an honest person.

Dear Manuel,
Here's an e-mail telling. I suggest that you share with whom you know, it costs me see the prosecution of Torres Vedras to send the PJ "to Gambuzinos ..". After all, PJ is also paid for with taxpayers' money and make her chase red herrings not will be a waste of resources? There is no responsibility in these matters?
On the other hand, it would be interesting to know why prosecutors have "allergy" TheINVESTIGATE names like:
Not worth talking about the 3rd line of malta.
A hug.

Madoff is going to prison for 150 years.

He was condemned for organizing a Ponzi scheme with Biblical proportions.

Madoff was for the financial sector what Pocalyko will be for the military offset sector. The size of the Ponzi-Pocalyko frauds are not so huge as in Madoff case, but on the other hand, probably Pocalyko is involving must higher State officials and politicians and his game was infinitely must more complex than in Madoff simple pyramid fraud.

Companies like General Dynamics, Looked Martin, Finmeccanica, MAN Ferrostaal AG, MOWAG GmbH , BAE Systems, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, Boeing Company, Bell Helicopter Textron, Patria Oy, Steyr Daimmler Puch , and more, every time they heard the names Pocalyko/ Monticello Capital, they start having freezing sweets. The name Pocalyko is now understood among these companies as the “military offset ultimate killer”, since the offset frauds that Pocalyko assembled against several European countries, Saudi Arabia and more, as also companies, banks, politicians, high rank military staff and even Governs, are the very next shock wave on the international scene.

Pocalyko, was authorized to organize, a huge cross offset business involving indirect offsets in four European Countries and in simultaneous with Saudi Arabia offsets.

This swindler abused from each country facilities as also a fairly discrete observation from States and officials about his activities. Culpa in vigilando… but not only…..

Now is time for the Justice to work fast and swift as in Madoff case.

Pocalyko provoked intentionally the bankruptcies of three companies: SiderpolIngegneria, Sonne un Energie, and Tecnia.

In Germany and in Italy we did not have a criminal gang with a former minister of defense, Antunes, Correia, and Arnaut (all in RPA) pushing like fanatics for a bankruptcy and paid shamelessly from LGT.

In Belgium, the state intervened with Indufin, and by doing so, they have broken Pocalyko's game.

This, Antonio, is the difference between Barroso and Verhofstadt. Poor Portugal!

Pocalyko and GD are liable in all four countries, and in KSA.

I add, and it it hard for me to admit it :-), that Tecnia was the best green-tech company out of the four Erdevel companies. And one of the best in all Europe.

Antonio, the Portuguese case is part of a larger international scheme, but is is so evidently criminal that it is unique.

The Ponzi - Pocalyko international offset frauds are brilliant.

Pocalyko created a huge fraud made with dozens of small, apparently inoffensive actions.

Anyone plotting the path of Monticello Capital - Erdevel Europa and A.E.R., since 2003 until recent days, analyzing the involved people, understand the incredible amount of tiny details, like pieces of a puzzle that show clearly the whole image, about the persons involved, the why's, the who's, the when's. It's all there, in the whole image. looking at each piece of the puzzle, is quite complicated to understand it.

This was the Pocalyko's "temporary " advantage. Not anymore.

Pocalyko loosed all the masks: Not anymore a Private Boutique Banker, not anymore the Venture Capitalist, not anymore the G-Man, not anymore the Bush Family friend, not anymore the Grand Master Mason, not anymore the Benign investor, etc.

Pocalyko will be famous:

He deceive dozens of high politicians, he mislead even Intelligence, he betray countries and companies.

He is a real Tom Ripley. As a Tom Ripley he did not and will not respect any one above him. He proved this, by creating the huge mess in Portugal Courts, jeopardizing completely the situation, involving top people is his masquerades, and running away to Virginia.

Pocalyko leaved Erdevel Europa, hidden inside a Cyprus Blind Holding, with some 17 Million Euros lost, Destroy 3 European companies, if not more, many families, State money and values, etc. For what we did, Pocalyko will be requested to Justice in several countries as well in USA.

Yes, SIS strategy is erratic.

But you are right about something else. They understood Erdevel Europa while working on Tecnia offset (protecting the secret).

At a certain point, they understood that the entire mechanism was Ponzi-Pocalyko, and the huge fraud against Portugal. They had signs about it, initially they even followed you on the IP theft (to explain the unusual and inexplicable behavior of the "benign investor"), but they had alsi false indications from Rui Pena Arnaut (again, from their partial and blood-sucking point of view), and then they published the Negocios article.

It was a mistake. Or not? :-)

The reaction came directly from Barroso and his offset gang.

So they needed to re-adjust the SIS strategy.

This is the other side of Pocalyko's methods: i.e., passing knowledge and info on a strict need to know basis. In this way, however, some of his allies

1) requested less money (positive for Pocalyko)

2) provoked more damages (exposing Pocalyko).

With such need to know basis method, if the person who knows (Pocalyko) is no more in charge (Pocalyko is a private fraud, not the security service of a sovereign nation), chaos follows... see Burn after Reading

Both the SIS as CPC have been warned on May 08, by Dr. Guietti of
Pocalyko fraud.
What is important is to retain the activity of these organisms - SIS headed by Dr. Antero Luis and CPC by Ambassador Pedro Catarino - from that date until today.
They took note of the crimes.
What did they do?
Nothing to see. For example, Tecnia kept closed, knowing they were
to throw into the trash 10.79 million euros earned in Iraq works to make 13 WWTP Baghdad.
The SIS PSE even got to meet with me, with my lawyer and my
client, and assured that nothing could pass as the work of Iraq.
So now I notified Dr. Luis Antero and Ambassador Pedro Catarino to
I took to remind both Article 22 of our constitution, if it
is in effect ....
Of course, the MP will only investigate that which protects the massonaria Arnaut / Pocalyko / Barroso let them investigate.


Unfortunately, you have been writing your deductions and your conclusions mostly to those persons that are just interested in hiding the real facts.

You keep provoking them, but you know that no one of them have the ball to sue you in court. They can’t sue you, just because they would expose all the mess.

You should know that Lucia Crespo possibly was passing your info to PSE-SIS. She is interested only on his monthly salary, as she told me once.

More: All those persons that you try to advise with your posts as Cc and Bcc, all of them will never reply to you, nor even will try to negotiate any solution out of courts. They are as you and as me , victims of Pocalyko fraudulent games. None of them were able to understand how deep Pocalyko trapped them.

It’s funny, Pocalyko publishing his Armatrea mansion in the Shenandoah blue mountains, made with the money collected from the Pocalyko crimes. And this announcement, published in the lodge 22 from Alexandria, as a warning: “don’t try to mess with our Brother..”

I know they will keep controlling Courts, SIS, CPC, MP, etc. they are safe from inside of the State. You also know the same. But can they control journalists around the country, around the Europe and more?

Of course they can’t.

The PocalykoGate is a tick-tack, clock working bomb, ready to explode.

Pocalyko will pay for his frauds.

Best regards

Recently, Pocalyko returned quietly to put the name on your CV Erdevel. This
Tom Rypley, following the case closely, and is a frequent visitor to the bar.
So do not be surprised if the Monticello Capital and Rui Pena, Arnaut Law Firm also put the name back to Europe in their Web Erdevel sites.
By the way, we will also be waiting to reappear AER, and why not Holding the SEM Cyprus, where Erdevel is "hidden."
This is a recurring subject of submarines. But there is another issue - that of Pandurs <>
GENERAL DYNAMICS anyone wants to call for research. Is it to be
so great a quarrel, which besides involving Portugal, also joins Germany,
Belgium, Italy, Lietchenstein, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and the U.S.?
Is it the Erdevel Europe have been created within the LGT (Lietchsenstein-Lux)? Will anyone ever tried to understand what the real Tom Ripley - Michael Nicholas
Pocalyko - all assembled in these countries, from 2003 until 2008, when it
Virginia retired with money stolen from all these countries at the expense of
counterparts fraudulent and clandestine Erdevel / AER ? There reporters
The public prosecutor filed charges against ten defendants, three Germans and Portuguese if you, who were charged, in co-authorship, "the commission of a crime of document forgery and practicing a crime of aggravated fraud, "says a note from the note of the Central Bureau of Investigation and Action Criminal.
At issue is the conclusion of an agreement between the Portuguese counterparts and "German Submarine Consortium "and its implementation, specifies the same statement.
The contract for the construction of two submarines, worth 800 million euros, was signed in April 2004 by the then Minister of Defense Paulo Portas with German German Submarine Consortium Consortium (GSC), Thyssen Krupp group - which, according to the Government, presented the best proposal in terms of price, counterparts and operating conditions.

This process, which dates back to 2004 when the Defense Ministry, overseen by Paulo Portas, decided purchase those submarines.
The Central Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution, states that the investigation "consisted numerous investigations in Portugal and Germany, was given an order of closure of inquiry. "
It was also deduced by the prosecutor, on behalf of the Portuguese State, a request for civil damages in the amount of € 33.989.796,91 EUROS.
The list of defendants was not disclosed by DCIAP. It is known that only three are citizens of German nationals, two of which are linked to the company Man Ferrostaal, based in Essen, Germany, and German consortium which includes the German Submarine Consortium.
Imagine the size and complexity of the fraud Pocalyko: will be dozens of times greater than this, which charge was now brought by the MP. Involve various
countries, one of the biggest arms companies in the world and very coarse and
International policy.
They should all thank Pocalyko, which with its arrogance transformed
counterparts until recently unknown, the "business" most hated, debated, and
You must have seen the recent news in the Morning Mail and Express.
Now, the State may have noticed that the damage to our economy by suppliers of military goods are unaffordable, even though some politicians and parties.
How many sharks have stuck to pocket several million.
Have you started hunting the bandits. The Pocalyko going to jail.
Everywhere things are moving, even if no note .... Your notes will be useful
to show how Pocalyko walked to deceive everyone, including the Member
What you should record dates and facts is: KSA travel etc.. number of works that Zahara and Erdevel you arrange. How many competitions (tenders) will present ... etc.. You might have any perceived deception. But the Saudi authorities have not yet realized what happened.
Even Herbert Künzle still think he was guilty of the Sonne + Energy has closed.
Alas, it was even lower. The fuckin 'Zahara walked to spread that he rode
sell Bibles to the Saudis! We must give him support:
Also should you already have put the question: who in here, authorized to do all Pocalyko. This clandestine operation counterparts?
After we talked about the patents Tecnia (mine, actually two ways, because I am the inventor and also because I am the owner of Tecnia), I think you have to understand what happened and is happening, the following approach:
***From 2003 to 2007, the EUROPA ERDEVEL spent between 17-20 million euros for four companies go bankrupt European environment: Tecnia, Siderpol, Sonne + Energy and Waterleau. The Waterleau was eventually rescued by the Belgian State in 2006, but this is another story.
What matters is to ask why a supposedly Venture Capital (as entitled to Monticello Capital) who was the owner of Erdevel Europe, spent so much money for nothing!
Yes, NOTHING. What interested him was the only company insolvency.
Strange is not it?
Or patents, or business, or works, or anything!
Any judge, however inept it is, realize immediately that the thing is BURNED smelled! It was not fencing laws and decrees and jurisprudence and all else. What a Judge above all must realize is: WHAT THE MOBILE CRIME. Got it?
Until a bronco Judicial Administrator believes that 10 million of works international generate at least 3 million annual net profit.
Until an attorney slow of understanding, of any prosecutor is able to realize that 10 million works thrown in the trash on purpose, more a significant number of international patents, in return for a fake debt 1.5 million, accounting is a stranger to destroy jobs, exports, value national, etc., for nothing.
Even the slower journalists, even taking a nap, do not realize that any sense. We can see the BIG SWINDLE
immediately. And to top it off the Erdevel Europe, that continued to spend millions on prosecutions for NOTHING. And many more millions to change the staff of installations, web page, the site address. Both labor and cost! To disappear within a Cyprus Holding Blind.
, International, with the intelligence to sweat sweats, with Attorneys General to file surveys, which do not even open, (attention, which is not
fashion, do so only for senior politicians).
Joe, the case has nothing to do with my Patents. This was a strategy assembled by Pocalyko to deceive even the Duane Baker.
The business (FRAUD) over five years before the end, but still must have
yielded hundreds of millions.
And walk the newspapers to publish crap about the counterparts of the subs!
You know what Joe, a journalist with tomatoes burst with all this at a glance.
It was just put a QUESTION in the newspapers:
There out there who claims to have evidence to bury up Secretary of State. Reportedly
one received only once a million!
Since I've been here for over 50 years, and had to learn much in a hurry in the last
years. Therefore, only the behavior is perceived as strange for Justice, MP, SIS,
of Ministers of Representatives, if there is someone very big, we want to avoid fall below the altar.
A hug

A year and a half after being warned WRITING, STATE (via SIS PSE-
and others), continues to pretend that nothing happens.
Justice, also continues to build cases against me and anyone who
is telling the truth. And the archive that will be inconveniences such as the
Tecnia assault on 14-Feb 07, where not even the witnesses were heard.
Article 48 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic is no longer in force?
Well, Article 22, will make the "accounts" with either the state or with PEOPLE
We are facing a new Iran-Contra affair? but now what is the excuse
underground? Certainly money is not intended to fighters freedom and democracy. It will then be for a noble purpose?
The Pocalyko could even be ET instead of American, so I do. I think shameful
such subservience. I do not give a damn about General Dynamics for the CFR, and
bogeyman any wishing to use, as well as the billions of them.
I have nothing to lose since ruined me completely with all the crimes that
If you have billions to create fraud such as that created with the Pocalyko, then also should have to pay those who have caused very serious damage.
Only Tecnia was deprived of more than 50 million of revenue in projects
organizations (those that generate foreign exchange that the country badly needs and that all political both proclaim as our only way out of the great crisis we are in).
These projects were on top of a door for advanced technologies and innovative
National, which were lost. When those responsible are called to justice?
For all these reasons and more, every time I see our President Aníbal Cavaco Silva
appealing to innovation, export etc, until I'm sorry. After the man is producing
political rhetoric or was not informed of the case TECNIA?
If anyone out there have an e-mail directly to the presidency, thank you.


The news are fresh, from today at CM, signed by the miraculous- SUPER

JOURNALIST , named Antonio Sérgio Azenha ( or ).

I must stress “ miraculous SUPER JORNALIST”, because I have been observing since many months that this journalist is a superman, the one that have all the time the contracts from the State with the weapons suppliers; he is the one that have the balls to write about all those supposed lost millions; he is the one that have double pages at a national big journal – CM; he is the one that no one is attacking ,neither prosecutors, neither top politicians, neither the weapons suppliers, etc, etc.

In fact , he is more than a superman – journalist; he is totally invisible. I tried to contact him to tell a lot about a REAL CLANDESTINE INTERNATIONAL OFFSETS, but he never replied to me; he is not interested is such high conspiracy theories…

Now , about his serious article, in the continuation of his work in the last months:

He mentioned now another subject about the torpedoes. Is clear , in the last weeks that Italy suppliers are now on the “ periscope” as a target.

But my conclusions, as I told you earlier, are that A.Azenha is only publishing State news. In the old times, he would be a part of the Propaganda Ministry. Now, we can say he is one journalist from the system.

Azenha, is claiming readers attention to some parts of the “contrapartidas”. But in my perspective, he is only moving out attention out of the really bad case. The Pocalyko international clandestine offset Ponzi. The technique is Known. It is the same used by SIS to move my attention out of the real issue, when they were telling me about the supposed nomination of Antonio Matos for Barroso staff, just to hide the nomination of Rita Antunes…

In my opinion, Azenha is doing the same: he is telling us: “ Hi all there, look at the submarines !!!….”

And this poses another series of questions: why, no one is allowed to publish about the Pandurs II? I mean, about Pocalyko clandestine offsets and General dynamics international simultaneous fake offsets?

Yes, for the country, the Pandurs II may not be as expensive as the submarines, but in a global perspective, the Ponzi- Pocalyko destructive and clandestine offsets are dozens of times worst than any supposed fraud in the submarines.

The actual dispute, is not the State trying to recover the money lost in fake offsets: it is a fight between politicians , trying to do to Paulo Portas the same that they have been doing to me: put me as the “escape got”: it does not work and for me , this is only another prove about the extreme anxiety from Arnaut.

The PSD mistake, in this case, is also the same of SIS – State: they think that hiding crimes will save them.

We know it is not a solution; it’s a question of time…

The Pocalyko not disappeared. Just walked away for a while.
For those who like the police, the style of Patricia Highsmith, should know who is theTom Ripley.
For the Pocalyko is a real Tom Ripley.
Hide businesses, web sites change, Change of company makes a line thirty to elude the police, the FBI, and will managed to escape. No one lays a hand.
Now appeared in Herley (weapons company), was not expected anything else.
And voila, Tom Ripley will take a long time to be caught.
Moreover, there must be many people who do not want it to be hunted.
We already know why.
Nice to talk to you there.

In Portugal they deprived you from the human right to work. You were interested in working, not in bearing arms. Portugal is a great country, with one of the most corrupted government (and as Italian, I know what I am talking about :). As you said many months ago, many Portuguese people have been forced to emigrate to work: that was Salazar's way to control the country, and this is the regime of the Maoist Barroso.

In US you will see that Free Masonry is not what it is in Portugal. It is not the Free Masonry of Pocalyko and Arnaut ( José Luis Arnaut Duarte) .

However, in the Herley Industries document for SEC (that startede this thread),

Antonio, once you overcome the disgust of even mentioning Pocalyko, the dirty roach, you will see the first public admission that Pocalyko is not in charge of AER. We are in February 2010.

Do you know, or do you remember, when the first deadly attack against AER was done?

It was in June 2007. Precisely, on the 4th of June 2007.

On that day Ferreira – Tecnia notifies AER of breach of contract, since AER-Pocalyko (Monticello Capital Delaware shell company) signed formally the Service Fee Agreement contract of May 19, 2005 for services to Tecnia (and the other European companies) for Saudi Arabia.

Your letter not only made Pocalyko mad, up to the level of requesting the bankruptcy of his own investment from LGT, lying under oath in Torres Vedras, and having Arnaut directly controlling the trial.

Two years and eight months later Pocalyko declares that he no longer owns AER.

Here's an interesting article by a colleague:

Thus, the subject Pandurs / ERDEVEL / Rui Pena & Arnault all against the country, Tecnia and national interests, is far from dead ....
Even here in Atlanta - Georgia, where I am, the news of the submarine is
It now remains to speak of shame and misery all made with Pocalyko, on behalf GD and the abundance of a few more national and not just corrupt.
The case Pocalyko is at least 50 times greater than if the submarine.
Personal greetings.
Note: when you want copies of bribe payments in Saudi Arabia, paid for by Pocalyko to senior officials in the amount of millions of dollars to maintain counterparts in Pandurs fraud, ask Paolo Guietti:
He's all about the whole gang. It also has memory like an elephant.
How can they assess the POCALYKO is back in force!

The false and fraudulent banker is preparing a new coup certainly big. Will that will strike again in Portugal? Will continue to rely on the compliance of Freemasonry Portuguese Justice and whistling to the side?
How far will this time our judges and our prosecutors? The last time I was assaulted in my company, which was looted one day after I refused to sign a Nexum contract with the criminal, police and lodged a complaint in the past three years MP filed the complaint and also referred to the assault as a slander on my part!
After this continued to happen all the miracles lavish Portuguese Justice, which many who were not even able to enumerate.
Eventually expel me from my company, as 12 million euros of exports in portfolio.
To top it off after destroying my heritage and to reduce all the evidence nothing, just to accuse me of being responsible: dispossessed OF MY COMPANY AND ACCUSED OF A harrying!
A country so still deserves to exist?
It will undoubtedly be one of the 9-10 former employees who joined the Tecnia Pocalyko to Envambien create the SA and thus continue the fraudulent business counterparts indirect military.
These mails are all on the same line of personal attacks than ever before used, when TECNIA destroyed. A LOTS of fraud.

So you can see that the “BAR DO ALCIDES” is really messing with something serious.

It is not the TECNIA: is the binding of the Arnaut Pocalyko, and by extension the Barroso.

So the SIS asked me several times: "What do you know of Barroso?" I said them ways the same: "I know nothing." But the Italians know:

The comments above are the usual: pure disinformation to confuse those who do not know Pocalyko who is and what he did with Tecnia the Siderpol, the Sonne + ennergie and Waterleau.
There is certainly someone Pocalyko reuse strategy in 2007. Use me as a goat atoning. Just not serve. I am too small. SIS just realized this past 2 months after starting to talk to me.

It seems that the “Bar do Alcides” is bothering many important people.

Thank you for your cooperation. In fact, it is far from over.
I hope that justice is done.
After 10 years also led to arrest Madoff.

Since September 2003 the federal government of Belgium has supported and covered a fraudulent indirect offset investment in Belgium.

The operation is directed from Luxembourg and Liechtenstein and supervised (but it would be better to say covered) by the Ministry of Economy, and specifically by Luc Ballet, in charge of security and defense related issues in that Ministry.

The Erdevel Europa corruption case is worse than Agusta Dassault, and it is connected with General Dynamics European Land Systems (that is, MOWAG) I would like to communicate with someone who understands these issues in the Inward Investment Agency, or with a competent Judicial Authority in Belgium.

This lengthy document, and is able to show how PONZI fraud-POCALYKO destroyed businesses and values ​​in Portugal and other countries for the benefit of each only those.
Why the MP, the DCCIAP, the Portuguese courts, politicians and even many Journalists refused to consider this Mega-Fraud?

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