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sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2009

E-Mail recebido sobre o Caso "POCALYKO".

Unfortunately, you have been writing your deductions and your conclusions mostly to those persons that are just interested in hiding the real facts.

You keep provoking them, but you know that no one of them have the ball to sue you in court. They can’t sue you, just because they would expose all the mess.

You should know that Lucia Crespo possibly was passing your info to PSE-SIS. She is interested only on his monthly salary, as she told me once.

More: All those persons that you try to advise with your posts as Cc and Bcc, all of them will never reply to you, nor even will try to negotiate any solution out of courts. They are as you and as me , victims of Pocalyko fraudulent games. None of them were able to understand how deep Pocalyko trapped them.

It’s funny, Pocalyko publishing his Armatrea mansion in the Shenandoah blue mountains, made with the money collected from the Pocalyko crimes. And this announcement, published in the lodge 22 from Alexandria, as a warning: “don’t try to mess with our Brother..”

I know they will keep controlling Courts, SIS, CPC, MP, etc. they are safe from inside of the State. You also know the same. But can they control journalists around the country, around the Europe and more?

Of course they can’t.

The PocalykoGate is a tick-tack, clock working bomb, ready to explode.

Pocalyko will pay for his frauds.

Best regards

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