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sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2009

E-Mail recebido sobre o Caso "POCALYKO".

SIS strategy is erratic.

But you are right about something else. They understood Erdevel Europa while working on Tecnia offset (protecting the secret).

At a certain point, they understood that the entire mechanism was Ponzi-Pocalyko, and the huge fraud against Portugal. They had signs about it, initially they even followed you on the IP theft (to explain the unusual and inexplicable behavior of the "benign investor"), but they had alsi false indications from Rui Pena Arnaut (again, from their partial and blood-sucking point of view), and then they published the Negocios article.

It was a mistake. Or not? :-)

The reaction came directly from Barroso and his offset gang.

So they needed to re-adjust the SIS strategy.

This is the other side of Pocalyko's methods: i.e., passing knowledge and info on a strict need to know basis. In this way, however, some of his allies

1) requested less money (positive for Pocalyko)

2) provoked more damages (exposing Pocalyko).

With such need to know basis method, if the person who knows (Pocalyko) is no more in charge (Pocalyko is a private fraud, not the security service of a sovereign nation), chaos follows... see Burn after Reading

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