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sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Novo E-Mail recebido pelo Bar sobre o CASO POCALYCO.

Let me open a little bit the subject. You are an Italian, but in Portugal, law is still based in Roman Law, more than in any other country. If you doubt about this, ask the experts.Pocalyko was , as he always used , very strongly assessed by lawyers, lots of them, and all of them extremely expensive. From Lovells – NY with Russell da Silva deeply involved in the offset frauds and Scott Reynolds also playing the main role in the Brettech removal from Tecnia clients projects, and all the VdA lawyers, next the Esquivel e Andrade layers, Tomás Cameira & company and latter Rui Pena & Arnaut lawyers all involved in the Portuguese indirect offset sabotage and the successful destruction of Tecnia, of course, receiving lots of money from Erdevel Europa / LGT, or the same, from Portuguese offset money, ie, Tax payers money.The bills from the lawyers are not a subject in the actual case, even if you know that was not Pocalyko paying , but you, your country, and of course the other involved countries…including Portugal !You already know Pocalyko’s kind of OCD disorder ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ), with his crazy attitudes , such as crying like crazy to you when he found that you went to Portugal, last Jan 08. The same crazy attitude was recorded when he was calling me in July 2006 to forbidden me and all Tecnia’s staff to talk with Breetech, etc. His mortal dreads were usually compensated after with a compulsive detailed organization to raise more and more “fences” around us, around any of his dangerous “ ghosts”. The same attitudes were seen about Luc, when Waterleau was financed by Indufin Belgium offset money; Pocalyko was crying : “ I will kill that bastard… “, he was spelling foam from his mouth.And so many other cases. We were very stupid at that time – I talk by myself – since we should have put the man in an hospital for dangerous OCD’s.Remember Barbara attitude, when Pocalyko was talking, talking… She used to closed his eyes and sometimes she also loosed his posture and allowed his hands , involuntarily to cover her hears. She did that, because she was familiar with the man. She was living with him and she couldn’t stand the monster any longer…The fact is, Pocalyko is still intelligent, manipulative and knows how to bribery and blackmail people, especially high State officials, politicians and so, as you have been resuming in so many ways. Pocalyko’s possible ( I’m not a psychologist) OCD, is just an additional point increasing his danger.What I want to ask your attention for, his the top craziness of Pocalyko: You know that he tried to force me to sign a NEXUM contract in the XXI century ( Feb 13th 2007, to be exact) . He probably asked his layers from VdA about the legal aspects. He asked them to dig deep deep in the law, about any possibility to turn “ legal” slavery.What was Pocalyko really trying to do? You told me that he was not expecting me to sign the contracts; he was only doing a theater about buying Tecnia. But he was, for sure interested in destabilizing me as must as possible. That is true.Probably , as you told me several times, Pocalyko & gang were pushing me to a limit, to a position where I would suicide or something, like run away from the mess they created.The fact that VdA lawyers wrote and support contracts with a NEXUM debt bondage with total person ( me ) as collateral for default was to must, really to must, from Pocalyko, but also from VdA and latter from the Portuguese Justice. Nexum contracts were abolished in Rome almost III centuries BC!For the “brother “ Pocalyko, NEXUM is still a reality!He is the real shit of mankind. You also know that they pursuit the same personal insolvency after and after and always in the same obsessive attitude against me. Why? I don’t need to tell you the names of the gang supporting Pocalyko, in the continuation of the same Nexum intention. You know all of them, one by one, from politicians, lawyers , state officials and so. Why are all mad to this limit?It must be only because of 3 options: power, money or sex. Is not about food, moral, ethics or so. I bet is all about money, huge money, bags of money as Duane said. The promised money from Pocalyko briberies , that never arrived. I hope so. I hope they did not cashed a cent.!! It is really unbelievable that so many countries, so many high politicians, were involved in such a mess as ERDEVEL EUROPA big Ponzi-Pocalyko frauds, a shame for USA honest people, a shame for masonry, a shame for Justice, a shame for the Lutheran church, all of them treated the guy as an honest person.

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