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sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Novo E-Mail recebido pelo Bar sobre o CASO POCALYCO.

Madoff is going to prison for 150 years. He was condemned for organizing a Ponzi scheme with Biblical proportions. Madoff was for the financial sector what Pocalyko will be for the military offset sector. The size of the Ponzi-Pocalyko frauds are not so huge as in Madoff case, but on the other hand, probably Pocalyko is involving must higher State officials and politicians and his game was infinitely must more complex than in Madoff simple pyramid fraud.Companies like General Dynamics, Looked Martin, Finmeccanica, MAN Ferrostaal AG, MOWAG GmbH , BAE Systems, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, Boeing Company, Bell Helicopter Textron, Patria Oy, Steyr Daimmler Puch , and more, every time they heard the names Pocalyko/ Monticello Capital, they start having freezing sweets. The name Pocalyko is now understood among these companies as the “military offset ultimate killer” , since the offset frauds that Pocalyko assembled against several European countries, Saudi Arabia and more, as also companies, banks, politicians, high rank military staff and even Governs, are the very next shock wave on the international scene.Pocalyko, was authorized to organize, a huge cross offset business involving indirect offsets in four European Countries and in simultaneous with Saudi Arabia offsets. This swindler abused from each country facilities as also a fairly discrete observation from States and officials about his activities. Culpa in vigilando… but not only…..Now is time for the Justice to work fast and swift as in Madoff case.

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