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sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Novo E-Mail recebido pelo Bar sobre o CASO POCALYCO.

Pocalyko provoked intentionally the bankruptcies of three companies: Siderpol Ingegneria, Sonne un Energie, and Tecnia. In Germany and in Italy we did not have a criminal gang with a former minister of defense, Antunes, Correia, and Arnaut (all in RPA) pushing like fanatics for a bankruptcy and paid shamelessly from LGT. In Belgium, the state intervened with Indufin, and by doing so, they have broken Pocalyko's game.This, XXXX, is the difference between Barroso and Verhofstadt. Poor Portugal! Pocalyko and GD are liable in all four countries, and in KSA. I add, and it it hard for me to admit it :-), that Tecnia was the best green-tech company out of the four Erdevel companies. And one of the best in all Europe. XXXX, the Portuguese case is part of a larger international scheme, but is is so evidently criminal that it is unique.

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  1. este bar fica em inglaterra?...

    quando for escrito em português eu entendo.

    Manias de intlectuais

  2. The Ponzi - Pocalyko international offset frauds are brilliant.
    Pocalyko created a huge fraud made with dozens of small, apparently inoffensive actions.
    Anyone plotting the path of Monticello Capital - Erdevel Europa and A.E.R., since 2003 until recent days, analyzing the involved people, understand the incredible amount of tiny details, like pieces of a puzzle that show clearly the whole image, about the persons involved, the why's, the who's, the when's. It's all there, in the whole image. looking at each piece of the puzzle, is quite complicated to understand it.
    This was the Pocalyko's "temporary " advantage. Not anymore.
    Pocalyko loosed all the masks: Not anymore a Private Boutique Banker, not anymore the Venture Capitalist, not anymore the G-Man, not anymore the Bush Family friend, not anymore the Grand Master Mason, not anymore the Benign investor, etc.

    Pocalyko will be famous:

    He deceive dozens of high politicians, he mislead even Intelligence, he betray countries and companies.

    He is a real Tom Ripley. As a Tom Ripley he did not and will not respect any one above him. He proved this, by creating the huge mess in Portugal Courts, jeopardizing completely the situation, involving top people is his masquerades, and running away to Virginia.

    Pocalyko leaved Erdevel Europa, hidden inside a Cyprus Blind Holding, with some 17 Million Euros lost, Destroy 3 European companies, if not more, many families, State money and values, etc. For what we did, Pocalyko will be requested to Justice in several countries as well in USA.